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Our parent company, All Star 1.com, Inc.,  began in Oklahoma
in 1985 with just one fundraiser and since, has done
fundraisers in 47 of the 48 contiguous states. And, for a huge plus
. . . which will give you ‘peace-of-mind’ as you choose one of our Oklahoma network fundraisers for your next fundraiser . . . All Star 1 Fund Raising is a member of the Greater Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce and also the most prestigious fundraising association in the USA: AFRDS (Association of Fund-Raising Distributors and Suppliers).

As well as the entire state of Oklahoma, we target the following
top markets in Oklahoma for fundraising: Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Norman, Lawton, Broken Arrow, Edmond, Midwest City, Moore, Enid, Stillwater, Bartlesville, Muskogee, Miami, McAlester, Ada, Ardmore, Durant, Duncan, Shawnee, Ponca City, Clinton, Altus, Woodward and Guymon.

With Oklahoma as a hub . . . we also target the following states
in our region for fundraising: Texas, New Mexico, Colorado,
Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota, Illinois, Missouri,
Tennessee, Mississippi, Arkansas and Louisiana.

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Oklahoma Fundraising Success Stories . . .
(Successful Oklahoma Fundraising & Fundraisers)

Marlow Hi Junior Class - Marlow, OK (pop.: 4,416)

* * * * (See testimonial below this list) * * * *

Sold 1,449 candles & pizzas

Profit - 50% / $7,245.00

Watonga Middle School - Watonga, OK (pop.: 3,408)

Approx. 30 sold an average of 30 each or 915 tubs of
cookie dough

Profit - 50% / $5,490.00

Laverne Hi Cheerleaders - Laverne, OK (pop.: 1,269)

7 sold 501 tubs of cookie dough or an average of

72 each - 3 sold over 100 each

Profit - 50% / $3,006.00

Depew Cheerleaders - Depew, OK (pop.: 502)

24 sold 503 tubs of cookie dough - 21 avg. each

Profit - 50% / $3,018.00

Hoover Hawks Booster Club - Lawton, OK

Sold 578 Pizzas & tubs of cookie dough

Profit 50% / $3,233.00

Kelly-Oster School of Dance (Irish) - Brewster, NY

Sold 786 pizzas & tubs of cookie dough

Profit - 50% / $4,381.00

Inish Free Irish Dancers of Texas - Corpus Christi, TX

Sold 744 Snacks & Candles

Profit - 50% / $2,530.00

Wood River Primary School - Corpus Christi, TX

Sold 4,470 bags of healthy snacks & candy

Profit - 60% / $13,410.00

Northside Elementary PTO - Texas City, TX

Sold 3,370 bags of mini pizzas & tubs of cookie dough

Profit - 60% / $24,264.00

Berryville Elementary School - Berryville, AR (pop.: 3,212)

Sold 1,148 tubs of cookie dough

Profit - 50% / $6,888.00

The following is a testimonial submitted by the Junior Class Sponsor of Marlow Hi Junior Class of Marlow, OK . . .

Brenda Parker
Marlow High School
Marlow, OK

To Whom It May Concern:

The Marlow Junior Class has worked with Pizza Makers/All Star 1 Fund Raising for nine years. We have been very pleased with not only the products, but also the ease with which these products sell. In fact, in our community, people ask the juniors when the fundraiser is coming, because they anticipate the products. If we were to change our products, I believe we’d have an uproar in the community. This year has been a record breaking year for MHS Juniors. In one week’s time, we have raised enough money to completely fund prom and be able to give those attending picture frames and tee-shirts, free! Pizza Makers/All Star 1 Fund Raising is the only company we’ll even consider using in the future.


Brenda Parker,

Junior Class Sponsor

As you see the above TESTIMONIAL was submitted after their 9th fundraiser - - - Brenda just recently in September of 2005 – scheduled the MHS Junior’s 11th fundraiser!

Dale & Billie Smith, owners
All Star 1 Fund Raising
Oklahoma City, OK 73159


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Great Strategy for Successful Fundraising
(How to Have a Successful Fundraiser)

Have a ‘prime-time’ presentation . . . kickoff your fundraiser on a day and at a time when you can get the most possible members together for an inspiring, expectant challenge . . . firmly expect for each member to sell a pre-determined number of items . . . don’t hang loose . . . transfer this firm expectancy to each of the members so each will accept the responsibility of doing his/her
fair share to make the fundraiser a success!

Aim high . . . set a goal . . . give individual credit . . . explain how each member as well as the group will benefit! At the end of the ‘prime-time’ presentation have a ‘commitment time’ . . . get everyone on his/her feet to sell a given number of items . . . start with 50, then 25, then 10, then 5 . . . a member who sincerely tries to sell 50 items should easily be able to sell at least 25 items . . . your goal is to get each one to average selling 25 items each!

Using our Local Profit Schedule (for groups within a 250-mile radius of Oklahoma City) or our Long Distance Profit Schedule (for all 48 contiguous states outside and beyond a 250-mile radius of Oklahoma City) demonstrate to your group their potential profit . . . for example: 30 members selling an average of 25 items each = 750 items sold.

A group selling 750 items will make a 50% profit margin . . . Below is a group’s total profit for selling 750 items of any one
of our following products:

Pizza Maker's Pizza $3,750.00
Baker Jo's Cookie Dough $4,500.00
RoseDale Cottage Candles $3,750.00
Hokey Pokey's Caramel Popcorn,  
Healthy Snacks & Snacks with Candy $1,875.00
Star's & Stripes Pizza & Cookie Dough $4,500.00
For larger groups use the following averages and totals:
50 selling an average of 20 items each = 1,000
100 selling an average of 15 items each = 1,500
250 selling an average of 10 items each = 2,500
500 selling an average of 10 items each = 5,000

For each of the above challenges, visit at the bottom of the page, any one of our 5 targeted markets or our ‘parent’ website, www.allstar1.com and check either the Local or Long Distance Profit Schedule to determine your profit per item so you can determine your total profit for your group!

This approach and challenge is really exciting and has the incredible potential of rewarding you with generous funds that exceed your need and goal!

Making the ‘Prime-Time’ Presentation a ‘Big Deal’ will produce ‘Huge Results’!

Go for it!!! You can do it!!! Just sincerely and enthusiastically try it!!!


All Star1.com, Inc., is the parent company for Oklahoma- Fundraising-Network.com . . . For more info on our 60% profit margin, successful fundraising ideas and products . . .
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