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Easy, Fast, Best, Big Profit, 50% Profit Fundraising, Nationwide!
Non-Profit, Church Choir, Women’s Ministry, Building Fund Fundraisers!

Church Youth Group and Church Youth Summer Camp Fundraisers in
Missouri for Kansas City, St. Louis and Springfield, MO!

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Heritage Candles Brochure

Heritage Candles - $10.00

$10.00 Candles . . . Highly fragrant, Lead Free wicks and 55+Hours Burn Time! – Beautiful Canning Jar Candles, 8-ozs., that come in the following fragrances . . .

Baked Apple Pie, Cucumber Melon,
Orange Spice Tea, Pomegranate, Sea Mist
and Warmhome!

Up to 50 Percent Big Profit Fundraisers! – Free Cash Prize Drawing: $25-$100! – No Cost to Begin Fundraiser! Free Shipping! – Free Brochures, Incentives & Prizes! 1 Free Gift for Every 10 Items sold by Individual or Immediate Family!

3 Great Fundraising Choices for . . .

Elementary, Intermediate, Middle, Junior High and High School Fundraisers . . . Daycares and Preschool!

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2018 Fall Collection Brochure

2018 Fall Candle Collection – Heritage Candles

Another Awesome Candle Fundraiser with 12-oz. Jars and 3-Pack of Candle Melts in Fragrance Bars . . . that ‘awaken you senses . . . and nourish your soul’! – Also included in this incredible collection of Candles are . . .

Premium Soy Candles in 14-oz. Tumblers!

These 3 wonderful attributes on this outstanding Candle Fundraising Brochure sell for . . . $13, $14.00 and $16.00 Each!

The Same Great Incentives, Free Prizes, Bonuses and High 50% Profit Margin offered in this brochure are the same as the first Fundraising Brochure above at the top of the page!

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Holiday Collection Candles Brochure

$10.00 Holiday Collection Candles for Christmas!

$10.00 Highly Fragrant Candles with LEAD-FREE Wicks and 55+Hours Burn Time! – Charming Holiday Canning Jar Candles, 8-ounces, with following scents . . .

Christmas Memories, Balsam Fir, Christmas Wishes
Baked Apple Pie, Gingerbread
and Christmas Spice!

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