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From Oklahoma City, OFN (Oklahoma Fundraising Network) does Nationwide
Fundraisers with PTA, PTO, FFA, 4-H, FCCLA, FBLA and Skills USA!

Fundraising for Youth, Church Youth, Youth Sports, Youth Baseball in
Ohio for Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati and Toledo, Ohio!

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About OFN Fundraising . . .
(The Oklahoma Fundraising Network)

From Oklahoma City, OK . . . OFN Fundraising (The Oklahoma Fundraising Network) . . . is a Nationwide or National Fundraising Company marketing outstanding Fundraising Products, Programs and Plans. – Over the last 34 Years, we have done Fundraisers in all 48 States!

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As a longtime, proud member of The Greater Oklahoma City Area Chamber of Commerce, The Fundraising Network of Knoxville, TN and AFRDS® (Association of Fund-Raising Distributors and Suppliers) of Atlanta, GA . . . OFN Fundraising, for the benefit of local, regional and national fundraising, has access to a network of approximately 600 of the very best Fundraising Manufacturers, Suppliers, Distributors, Companies and Counselors . . . with Hundreds of Years of combined experience, to help us meet all of your fundraising needs . . . whether it be . . .

Fundraising for School, Sports, Soccer, Pop Warner Football, Gymnastics, Cheerleader Fundraisers . . . Youth Sports, Baseball, Football, Basketball, Volleyball or Girl’s and Women’s Softball Fundraising . . . Church, Church Youth Groups and Camps . . . Athletic, Band Booster, Chorus, Music, Dance, All Star Cheer and Spirit Fundraisers . . . FFA, 4H, PTO, PTA, to include . . . Cub, Boy and Girl Scouts as well as fundraisers for Rainbow Girls’ Fundraising. – With all of this in mind, OFN Fundraising stands ready to serve you in an excellent manner and to further assist you in reaching your fundraising goals for each year!

Over the last 34 Years . . . we have done fundraisers, nationwide, with both small and large groups and/or organizations. Some have been with small school, sports and Church groups. – Others have been with much larger groups such as 4 major departments out of the state Capitol of Oklahoma here in Oklahoma City. – We also have done fundraisers with Phillips 66 employees in Bartlesville, OK and with AT&T employees state wide here in Oklahoma.

Brad Henry, a most popular Democrat Governor for the state of Oklahoma, served 2 terms as governor of our great state from January 13, 2003 thru January 10, 2011. – Prior to this, he practiced law just 35 miles west of Oklahoma City in Shawnee, OK. – Brad’s wife, Kim, also served as a school teacher at Shawnee High School. – In Shawnee, OK, Brad & Kim and their 2 daughters, worked with us on a couple of large fundraisers for the Shawnee High School Equestrian Club. – Kim was the coordinator for the fundraisers. – We also did 2 large fundraisers with the Shawnee High School Baseball Team. – In addition, on the north side of Oklahoma City in Edmond, Oklahoma, we did the entire Edmond Soccer Association. - Hundreds were involved in this fundraiser!

Out West of Houston, Texas, off of I-10 in Katy, TX, we did the entire Katy Soccer Association, where also, hundreds were involved. In addition.



Over the last 7 years we have done seven exceptionally large, 50 percent high profit fundraisers with the 5th graders of Deer Creek Intermediate School, just north of Oklahoma City, OK. – Just this past fall in 2018 . . . for a trip to YMCA Camp Classen in southern Oklahoma . . .


250 5th Graders raised over $31,000.00

Presently, in the month of September of 2019 . . . the Deer Creek 5th Graders have their 8th Fundraiser scheduled.

All Star, Inc. is the parent company and/or corporation of OFN Fundraising, SFI Fundraising and
All Star 1 Fund Raising.